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For a Better Life!

Internship & Externship Program

ITI Technical College has developed an Internship program for our potential ITI graduates that will help them to be successful in their career and form the foundation of……”A Better Life.”

Benefits to the Employer

  • Having access to new talent!
  • Gaining the opportunity to screen and work with a potential employee.


Example of Intern/Extern Student

A student is offered an Internship position related to the student’s field of study by an Employer. Since the student is able to be productive and contribute to your working environment, these positions are paid. The Internship is a minimum of 120 hours spread out within the student’s term (3 months). The student usually spends part of their day in class and the other part at the work site. Work schedules are mutually agreed upon by students and employers in advance. The student’s performance is evaluated and takes the place of the intended classroom grade.