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Drafting and Design Training School

Drafting and Design Training at ITI Technical CollegeITI Technical College, located in Baton Rouge, LA, was founded in 1973 by instrument technician Earl J. Martin, Jr., to directly serve the needs of the business and industrial community.  ITI was founded to fit the needs of the region and the college’s objective is the same today as it was when it was founded:  to train personnel to meet the job requirements of the technical age.  Even in a shaky economy, trained technical workers will be in great demand and ITI is a hub of education for this work force.  With training programs in industries such as air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical technology, automation and electronic systems technology, and instrument and control systems technology, you can see how ITI fills a void in vocational education.  For more information about our programs click here.

Architecture, engineering, and technical design has seen a noticeable “boom” over the past several years, and these professions will always be in demand to provide building and infrastructure for society.  One of the biggest parts of these jobs is the use of computer aided drafting or CAD technology.  The more proficient an architect, engineer, and/or designer is in AutoCad and Windows Operating Systems, the more desirable those workers will be.  If you are interested in this exciting and important program, click here .

The Program

ITI offers a program to prepare future workers for the job market:  the Associate of Occupational Studies Degree (AOS) in Drafting and Design Technology.  This specialized program begins with courses in the general math, algebra, geometry, Cartesian math, and trigonometry necessary to understand and incorporate CAD programs.  Next, the program introduces students to Multiview drawings including the use of drafting equipment, dimension techniques, and auxiliary views.

Students progress through this program through the study of pictorial drawing techniques, graphic engineering data, and assembly drawing.  Technical writing education provides an overview of the importance and need of technical communication in the industry and the workplace.  Overall, this program gives students in demand job skills and a specialized education.

The Results

Graduates of our program will be skilled in producing digital drawings by interpreting data from field measurements, notes, and existing drawings.  They will be capable of the basic concepts of their chosen areas of expertise plus be familiar with engineering terminology.  Most importantly, these graduates will be fluent in highly specialized programs like AutoCad, which is used to design anything from bridges to more complex structures like buildings.  Digital drafting brings an item to life during the entire creative process, literally from conception to a finished product.  This is why capable CAD designers are so sought-after:  they can paint a picture from something as complex and abstract as only mathematical measurements.

The Job Prospects

A CAD designer should make around $25.35 an hour or $52,720 annually *.  Naturally this pay range is based on a person’s region and location, but the medial salary sits at the aforementioned number. Another thing to consider is the stability of this job as architects and engineers will always be needed thus a CAD interpretation of their work will be needed.  Plus if you are already involved in one of these professions and you just need to brush up your digital design skills, this will be an impressive addition to your resume and possibly a pathway to a higher salary.  If you are interested, give us a call, visit our campus, or fill out the form on our Website for more information.

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